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Maria Elena Escobar, CPC

Empowering people

to pursue personal growth

& create love and tolerance in the world.

Your job is the excuse through which you get to love people.” ~Panache Desai

I started Divine Love SOULutions to be an instrument of change and love in this world. 

I want to inspire, encourage, and ignite the people I work with to live genuinely empowered, passionate, and authentic LOVE lives. 

It’s my dream to see my clients open up and become who they are designed to be. 

Using my extensive toolbox of techniques, you’ll uncover the hidden beliefs that hold you back while you learn how to live fully present and have a joy-filled life.


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~ Maria Robinson

If you don’t like the way your life is going, you need to make different choices.  You have the power within you to live the life of your dreams.

Together we can navigate the path before you and find your strengths, release your limiting beliefs, and learn how to go after your soul’s journey of love and joy. 

When I picture the Divine I imagine an endless sea of love and light, and we are drops of this great sea.

It is in our imperfections that we are perfect for our mission to re-present God’s Love in the unique way only we can, as ambassadors of LOVE. 

We all are here for more than just existing, we have greatness inside us!

I want to help you find that greatness and to reconnect with the beautiful soul who was born to live a big beautiful life full of joy and love.  

I can help you heal your past, forgive and release shame, guilt, and resentment, and fall madly in love with yourself. 

You will become the empowered self-actualized person you were designed to be.

You will remember the person you already are; It is my joy and privilege to reintroduce you to the wonderful being that is you.

Life is about recognizing who you already are, the person who came into this world to be an instrument of Divine Love.

It’s time to go home!

It’s never too late to be who you might have been. ~ George Eliot

You will learn how to confidently listen to your inner guidance system and to re-connect with your real passion and purpose. 

Together we’ll learn what works for you. When you begin to live fully and authentically, you will find your bliss, and life will have purpose and meaning. 

We all have a compelling destiny expressing the LOVE of the Divine uniquely as only we can.  You’ll begin to open up your soul and awaken to your highest self and learn how to thrive.  

As your dreams that you co-created with your divine power become reality, you will find more and more joy and peace. 

You are here to re-present the Divine’s LOVE in a way only you can.  When you discover your gifts and unique purpose, you will feel the joy you are born to exude.

I believe you have everything you need to lead the life you dream. 

Join me on an expedition where together we will:

discover your vision, values, and goals and learn how to achieve them.

Through the Coaching Process Together, We Can:

  • Realize Your Gifts and Live Life From Your Highest Self, Awakened Standing in Your Power
  • Live a More Passionate, Fulfilling Life From a Place of Love and Peace
  • Develop an Arsenal of Tools and Techniques to Overcome Stress and Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Uncover and Release Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Learn to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • Discover: Your Values, Your Goals, and Your Life Purpose
  • Develop Strategies for Success In Your Spiritual, Personal and Professional Life

It’s Safe to Dream Again!

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