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A Glimpse Inside the Magic that is ME!

Your job is the excuse through which you get to love people.” ~ Panache Desai

I started Divine Love SOULutions to be an instrument of change and love in this world. It’s my dream to see people I’m blessed to work with, open up and become who they were meant to be and live authentic lives of love.

I believe LOVE is the only real power to change the world and it is my purpose to re-present the love of the Divine in a way only I can.

I want to help others find their unique style of being love in the world. It does not matter where you are starting you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of one step at a time.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~ Maria Robinson


Ever since I was a child, I felt the spirit of love and passion for helping people. I’ve always wanted to ease suffering and to give others strength. I’ve always been able to see the good in others and to have faith, vision, and dreams of the future for myself and those around me.

I feel blessed to have many challenges that equipped me to accomplish the goal of leaving a lasting mark on this earth and change the world, one person, at a time. It took years of hard work, but I’m so grateful for all the experiences that brought me to where I’m now.

I graduated from college with degrees in Education and Psychology from Hunter College in NYC. For over 15 years I worked with diverse populations such as women from prison, mentally ill adults, and at-risk youth. I strove to help them improve their lives through teaching and counseling, wanting so badly to make a difference. My private world was a train wreck, but I poured myself out trying to empower others when I was not yet awake.

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As Lisa Nicols says, “Let your mess be your message.” And “Test is only the first part of your testimony.” I believe all the challenges I’ve faced have developed in me a strength and tenacity that I otherwise would not have found.

As a result of my experience, I’ve committed to helping others who have faced or are facing similar challenges. I’ve learned to love deeply, be compassionate, and forgive from my heart. I know from personal experience the power of forgiveness as a “victor” over many of the lessons I faced.

I choose not to be a victim or even a survivor; I am a victor because I decided to take my life back and free myself from my abusers. Forgiving others was the natural part. Forgiving myself for all the lost time sitting around feeling sorry for myself and the self-destructive choices I’ve made was a much harder journey.

Each day I work at living an inspired, empowered life. I live more deliberately and consciously from my highest self and have grown to love who I am. I still have hurdles to overcome, but I’m more than a survivor, I’m a victor! I choose not to be a victim anymore. I prefer to see the blessings in the struggles. As Anthony Robbins says, “Life does not happen to you, it happens “for” you.”

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I graduated as a Certified Professional Coach from a fantastic coaching program accredited with ICF at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA. I’m pursuing my writing, public speaking, and coaching goals with all my heart. I believe it is my purpose to help those who are in pain, darkness, or fear to find light and joy through love.

I know first-hand what it is like to be so thick in the pit of despair that you can’t see a way out. I’ve become a masterful coach and want to work with women and men who’ve spent their lives giving away their power. I want to teach them how to take back their control, practice extreme self-care and live lives of passion and purpose. I also want to help empower people with disabilities as someone who struggles with many physical severe challenges daily. I understand how discouraging and hopeless it can feel. But there is a way to live the life you dreamed of.

I’m here to help you find your way.

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Radical change requires consistent application of daily practices. Using the tools that I will show you will transform you if you are patient and compassionate with yourself when you fall short. Karen Drucker in her song I Am Gentle With Myself says, “I will only go as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go.”

It is daily acts of spiritual bliss-ipline that get you there. It takes listening to your inner guidance and asking what the next step is and then the next and acting on them one step at a time.

When you do this, you grow, and life takes on joy and purpose. You begin to live from your highest self and are full of peace and love.

I work at teaching others how to use an arsenal of tools to create the life they want in my one-on-one coaching and programs.

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I know that I’m learning to return to my authentic, loving self much quicker and when I do fall short I have compassion for myself and I remind myself I am genuinely becoming the woman I was created to be one step at a time.

Life is really about remembering who you are at your soul level, the pure divine piece of divine love that you entered this life as, when we veer off course in this spiritual journey we just need to remember who we indeed are, LOVE.

I know the only answer to change the world is through LOVE.



Maria Elena Escobar

Transformation and Awakening Coach,

Spiritual Illuminary & Love Catalyst

Providing Divine Love SOULutions