Be The Change: Be The Love


By Maria Elena Escobar

  • Uncover and Release Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Change your vibration, thoughts, and beliefs to be in alignment with your true awakened self
  • Learn how to live outside your “Comfort Zone”
  • Discover how to forgive and let go of the pain of your past
  • Create the “Life of Your Dreams” where you live on purpose with purpose
  • Deal with the Resistance, Stress, and Issues that hold you back
  • Change your thinking and attitudes so you can live with true joy and gratitude
  • Excavate your Authentic Self and find your magnificence
  • Live a Passionate, Juicy, and Fulfilling Life
  • Genuinely love yourself and practice extreme self-care
  • Spread transforming love out into the world, changing lives around you

Celebrate love and become part of the change this world needs to see. Get a copy of my book on Amazon.  You don’t need a Kindle; if you have a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smart-phone you just need to go to Amazon and download the free app and click on the link to get a copy of my book.


The world needs love more than ever.  We are the change the world needs.  I wrote a book about changing the world through love because I believe love is the only real solution to change lives.  Politics, religion or social justice will not truly make the lasting change the world needs.  The message of LOVE is so important. Gandhi tells us “be the change we want to see in the world.”  If we want to change the world we need to first change ourselves. Rumi said, “I used to be clever and wanted to change the world, now I am wise and am changing myself.” Love is the only power that can change the world.  Once we change ourselves we need to love ourselves and love others to see the change the world so desperately needs: LOVE. Through motivational and inspirational quotes, stories, poems, pictures, and challenges this book teaches you how to:


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Great reading

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“Be the change: Be the Love” made you really look inside and evaluate YOURSELF. I would put the book down and ask myself is my life going the way I want it to go. How can I change to be a better person…..What an incredible person Maria is!! She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and turned out amazing! Not your typical “self-help” book. This book comes from the heart!

~ Janis Bell


Five Stars
Verified Purchase Amazon
“I love it! Easy reading and leaves you full of wonderful ideas. I really liked the quotes.”