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Here’s what some of my clients have to say:


“I am extremely grateful to the person who referred me to Maria, and that I actually followed up and reached out to her. That moment changed/improved my life. As a working woman, with a husband and 3 kids (now older teens) life would be crazy enough but I suffer from ADD which complicates matters Hugely and has for many many years.
My home and life were a mess!!! Disorganization was my middle name, although some others would say disappointing. Stress was running rampant, at a very high level, for all involved. No Good!!! I had tried traditional therapy/medications, none of which made any measurable improvement. Some impacted only negatively.
I thought I was doomed to be stuck in that space or worse!
The first time I spoke with Maria it was clear that she was caring, smart and insightful. Over time it also became apparent that she is quite patient and very effective! She worked with me using the many different modalities in her tool belt.
We co-created a strategic plan, and with her encouragement and follow up (cause boy did I need it!) we made significant strides in a reasonably short amount of time.
My personal and family life is improving daily. Stress has been greatly reduced!! If you are looking for the right person to help you make changes in your life… don’t hesitate to contact, Maria. You won’t regret it!”

~ Cindy Z.

“Maria Elena is an amazing coach! She has inspired me and helped me to transition my life from where I did not want to be to where I want to go! She is the booster that I needed. She actually cares about you and wants you to succeed. She has consistently inquired about what is going on and how she can assist. She helped me recognized what I needed to work on in my life and how it was inhibiting me from moving forward.

She motivated me when I was feeling “stuck” or depressed.  Her intuitive insights helped me to see what I needed to address to get out of the situation. She helped me to figure out the direction that I needed to go in order to get out of my “stuck” mentality.  What inspired me most about Maria Elena is that she motivates you along the way through texts, emails, or a simple hello phone call.

She has helped me to dig deep and understand to really appreciate myself and love myself. I would recommend Maria Elena for anyone who wants to see a difference and a change in their life. I can attest that she gave me the push needed to see a change in my life.

Thank you, Maria Elena, for being supportive and helpful and giving pointers when needed! 

~ Chantell W.

“Throughout my coaching with Maria, I’ve learned many things by her approach to the work. She has taught me that the questions I ask are more important than the challenges I face.  The process has allowed me to see my own patterns and coping skills more clearly and understand the simple ways I can begin to improve the quality of my life.

As a result, I can no longer see myself as a helpless victim, as I begin to understand my own participation in staying stuck.  Maria’s approach is not only empowering but by finding creative solutions to challenges, I’m able to view myself and life differently.”

~ Raquel W.


“Maria has coached me many times. Her remarkable intuition enabled her to connect with me even during our first meeting.

Maria listens, you can feel that, and she cares, you feel that also. As a result of our sessions, she would suggest activities for me that were helpful to me and that I was excited to do.

My sense is that Maria continually strives to be a better coach and a better human being, and that also inspired me to be my best self also.”

~ Chris Y.


“Dearest Maria, You are a very special person in my life. We seem to have a connection that is fruitful. I am sometimes amazed at your poignant word choices. Sometimes I get the impression we are kindred spirits and you are here to remind me of some things and concepts that are dormant in my soul. Some of your training and educational experiences really resonate with me.

For example when you were helping me return back to the body and center myself. Another occasion was when I told you I was holding my fingers on my third eye and palm on the back of my head.(My marriage counselor had taught me Tapas Acupressure Techniques. She said back then that “my body would remember these experiences and I would be able to recall my abilities to help myself again.”)  

You were able to share that you are versed in TAT.  I don’t know what it was Maria maybe it is your tone of voice and focus that sent me the impulse to fall back into that body position and queued me into that helpful place I had been in my mind a couple of years ago. When you tell me you, “are proud of me”, cause of something I accomplished, my inner child is happily surprised.  

I am ever grateful for this Life Coach experience and of your intuitive and sincere encouragement.  Thank you for the opportunity to let others know how you are truly wonderful. I look forward to more sessions with you. With the deepest respect,”

~ Natalie C.


“After my husband retired and we sold out home, he became very depressed. I was worried we had grown apart. I considered ending our 24-year marriage. Maria was so gentle and caring, she really listened to me and gave me a sense of being supported.

She helped me to realize that it was not my responsibility to bear the weight of other people’s burdens. She encouraged me to listen to my inner guidance, which led me in a new direction to reconnect with my faith.

That made it possible for me to let go of worrying and trust that it was all going to be OK. I’m so grateful to Maria for helping me to see that I had to reconnect with my inner guidance and face my own sadness in order to let go of worrying about my husband’s. Maria is a brilliant coach who listens with her whole heart.”

~ Andrea C.


“Maria has a huge heart and an incredible desire to see other people – me, specifically! – achieve their dreams. She definitely goes above and beyond my expectations. She is creative and reliable, with wonderful ideas to help overcome blocks and challenges.”

~ Anita M.


“When I began working with Maria Elena I was skeptical about the coaching process. I thought I would give it a try since I had tried everything else and my life was unmanageable. I was stressed beyond words and my career was stuck and going nowhere.

I had no idea what to do next or how to manage my stress. Maria Elena was amazing. She made me see myself in a new way. She gave me hope and the motivation to take the next step. Her faith in me and her patience were really powerful and life-affirming.

I don’t know where I would be without her persistence and the guidance she gave me.

Her insightful questions always made me see that she really listened and got me. I would recommend her to anyone ready to change and even those who are afraid of change like I was. Thanks, Maria Elena for your help and support.” 

~ Gary H.


“Working with Maria has allowed me to deepen my self-awareness and put together a plan to realize my true potential by acknowledging the areas in which I am stuck and breaking through those self-imposed roadblocks.”

~ Ursula C.



“Maria, who is a professional in every sense of the word helped me achieve my most ambitious career goals. Maria has the knowledge and expertise necessary to examine a person’s situation and identify the pros and cons of seeking a new position.

She is then able to provide expert advice on how to prepare for a new position or how to maximize opportunities with a current employer. Maria’s advice in life/career coaching is invaluable. I made the right decision. Thanks, Maria.”

~ Jamilah W.



“Maria’s sincere and curious approach to engaging me allowed a safe and comfortable environment where I could openly share my thoughts and challenges.  Her questions and approaches when discussing various topics always help me discover additional options that lead to greater feelings of confidence and clarity.”

~ Zach M.




“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you. Being a coach myself, I am not the best person to be coached. I tend to be resistant and naturally self-reliant. You really seemed to know what questions to ask and were so non-judgmental, that I was able to make major strides.

I was really looking for a bit of direction, as I was stuck, and with a few sessions, I was able to get clarity and an action list of tasks that could be done to move me in the right direction. I will definitely come back for more coaching so I can keep my momentum going. Thank you for your guidance.” 

~ Lia A.



I believe you have everything you need to lead the life you dreamed of.

Join me on an expedition where together we will:

discover your vision, values, and goals and achieve them.


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Through the Coaching Process Together, We Can:

  • Realize Your Gifts and Live Life From Your Highest Self, Awakened Standing in Your Power
  • Live a More Passionate, Fulfilling Life From a Place of Love and Peace
  • Develop an Arsenal of Tools and Techniques to Overcome Stress and Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Uncover and Release Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Learn to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • Discover: Your Values, Your Goals, and Your Life Purpose
  • Develop Strategies for Success in Your Spiritual, Personal and Professional Life



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